To the Passerby

Holy crap, did I just watch a murder-suicide on NICKELODEON?!

I was so surprised, you might say I was… blown out of the water.

Adriana Figueroa - Amon (Beauty and the Beast/LOK Parody)
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I don’t even have an excuse for this one other than it needed to be done… their names RHYME, okay?! It was destiny! Gaston is clearly one of the best Disney villains ever. And you know Amon secretly checks himself out and makes his Equalist cronies sing about him. It’s basically canon. Enjoy! :)

No one creeps like Amon
Haunts your sleep like Amon
Makes those prissy-haired probenders weep like Amon

For there’s no Equalist half as manly
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask any non-bender handy
And they’ll tell you whose team they’d prefer to be on

No one’s fast as Amon
Wears a mask like Amon
Wants to kick Avatar Korra’s ass like Amon

And his speeches are really intimidating
My what a guy, that Amon!

Give five “flameo”s
Give twelve “yip-yip”s
Amon is the best and the rest is all drips

No one plots like Amon
Calls the shots like Amon
No one hides out and never gets caught like Amon

So you benders don’t even think of escaping
My what a guy, Amon!

(Download link here in case anyone wants it, and all that jazz!)


Burn baby burn

Is anyone else getting tired of only hearing about evil firebenders in Legend of Korra? They’re turning into the Slytherin house of bending.

I know there’s gangs filled with different types of benders. And hey, Tarrlok and Tahno are/were waterbenders and they tend to air on the side of dickery. But so far the only actual causalities in this show have been perpetrated by their fire wielding counterparts, and it’s getting old.

I was fine when I heard firebenders made Bolin an orphan and Mako the Batman. Desperate times, desperate people, and it makes Mako being a firebender that much more tragic.
But then suddenly Amon’s ambiguously true back story is about firebenders killing his parents. I was fine with it, though slightly annoyed, because hey, it’s probably an intentional parallel between the bending brothers and Amon.
But now Asami’s mother, too? That’s four major characters! C’mon, writing staff, I know you’re better than this.

At this point, I’m shocked Amon isn’t only targeting firebenders.